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Global Services Challenge is a company specializing in distribution in Cameroon for decades and today has a strong experience as a central purchasing office. On the strength of this experience, it has access to the most competitive prices, giving it many privileges officially recognized by the port authorities, which authorize it to offer its supply services to ships calling at the autonomous ports of Douala and Kribi in Cameroon. .
We provide provisions at preferential prices to vessels offshore and in port, whether at quay, in the inner anchorages or within the outer anchorage limits authorized by the port authorities.
We remain available for all your requests.

cabin supply


Stationery – Electronics – Bathroom


We can arrange a top quality cabin store at a competitive price, the range includes cleaning products, consumables, tableware etc.

• Towels and table linen, curtains, gloves
• Bed and laundry accessories
• Domestic appliances
• Cabin cleaning equipment
• Buckets and garbage bags
• Rat traps, fly swatters
• Sheets and rolls of paper


Boutique de liqueurs

Cigarettes – Liquor – Beverage


We stock a wide variety of tobaccos, liquors and confectionery as well as perfumes and toiletries. We know that customers want variety, quality and the ability to choose from the best brands in the world.

list item
• Tobacco: All kinds of cigarettes and tobacco.
• Alcohols: Soft drinks and Non-alcoholic drinks.
• Others: Perfumes, Cosmetics, Chocolate, Clothing, etc.


Stand de légumes sur un marché

Rice/Bread – Meat/Fish – Vegetables/Fruits

Music Store Vintage

We can supply everything you need from our range including fresh, frozen and dry stores, meat, fish, fruit and vegetables and dry stores from local and imported sources.

• Local meat and meat products | Fish, Salted, Dried, Smoked, Fresh
• Bread, Cake, Pastry | Eggs, Milk, Yogurt, Ice Cream | Oil and grease
• Local Butter, Cheese | Coffee, Cocoa, Tea, Juice | Salt and Sugar
• Canned Vegetables, Fruits, Fish, Meat | Jam and Marmalade
• Dried beans and peas | Fruits and nuts, dried | Cereals, cake mix
• Pasta and noodles | Cereal, Biscuit, Cracker, Snack, Wafer, etc.

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